Craig Cowles, CFP® CVB

Craig is the President and Co-Founder of EntreCraft and is responsible for the overseeing the mission and vision of EntreCraft. 

Craig is an entrepreneur by heart. He knows that time is the great equalizer and no one has any more than another. He believes that this is worth the most in his life so he is constantly striving to find ways to have what he calls 'impactful discretionary time". As his stage in life it is important for him to help others discover this way of living through working with other business owners.

His own family is his reason for being in business. He has an Autistic son who needs extra help and time. He could not be there if he did not have his own business and one of the main reasons he focuses on a business that can work with out him.

Craig has worked since the age of 16. He put himself through college and even obtained his pilot certificate before he enrolled in college. Eventually he worked as pilot as his dream, and then the bug bit him about being in business. The president of the airline shoed him how to run an airline properly, and what it meant to have a business. He eventually started a computer service business on the side, and worked toward a financial service business. He has been mentored by some of the best people about businesses and passionately learning about the best way to build and sell a business.

Craig enjoys spending his time with his wife Rene and two boys Mason and Max. He enjoys recreational flying, and is a part of the North Texas aviation community. He like biking and martial arts which both of his sons attend.

To contact Craig, email him at craig@entrecraft.net

Douglas Heagren, CFP® CRPC APWA

Douglas is Co-Founder of EntreCraft and is the Chief Operating Officer. He is a graduate of Denison University, with a Bachelor of Arts - Economics degree. He is also a Certified Financial Planning practitioner, providing families with comprehensive financial advice and guidance since 2005. Prior 2005, when he began exclusively working with business owners and families, Douglas worked with corporations of all sizes to assess and implement business financial strategies to improve the well-being of both company bottom-line and employee well-being.

A successful competitive junior tennis player, Douglas was recruited to play tennis by several colleges during his high school Junior and Senior years. His dream of playing tennis in college was derailed when his parents filed for divorce during his senior year.

Fast forward several more years when Douglas' father passed away. Douglas spent the next several years running his father's businesses learning very quickly the challenges of being an entrepreneur.

Later on Douglas began his personal wealth consulting practice where he and Craig met. The partnership began because of what they both believed about being an entrepreneur and how important it is to spend more time on life's most important gifts since Douglas lost his father at too early of an age. 

,Douglas spends time with his wife, Dawn, and his two children Katherine and Oliver. Douglas still enjoys playing tennis, taking to the skies with his pilot license, being outdoors fishing, hunting and cheering on The Ohio State Buckeyes sports teams.

To contact Douglas, email douglas@entrecraft.net